Client Scope of Work Start date Project name
 Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company  Carrying out studies 2022  the first service portfolio of value engineering of railway axes (Bam, Jiroft, Darab, Dazad Mohammad, Lar, Zad Mohammad and connecting Dogharon to the network)
   Shiraz Railway Transportation Organization Carrying out studies 2022  ventilation and smoke removal of line 3 of the Shiraz city train 
Mazandaran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization  Design studies services 2021  Ziyar Bagh tunnel lighting system 
Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company  Consultancy service 2020 Tehran - Hamadan - Sanandaj railway axis 
 Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Co.  Consultancy service 2020  G3 station on Line 3 of Tehran Metro, Tehran and Suburbs Urban Railway Company 
 Mashhad Metropolitan Railway Company  Consultancy service 2020  Abu Dhar Shahrak Station of the Mashhad Urban Train Line 3 project 
 TABAN Water Development Engeeniering Co. Engineering and design services 2020 equipment belonging to the first phase of the Qom line A metro power supply package 
  Shiraz Railway Transportation Organization  Monitoring services  2020 equipment and facility monitoring (E&M) line 2 
  Mashhad Metropolitan Railway Company  Studies and design Services 2019 Abuzar and Sajjadieh stations (Sadeghieh) of Mashhad city train line 3 
 Abadgaran Margoon Company  Studies and design Services 2019  tunnel 9 on Chalus road 
 Shiraz Railway Transportation Organization  Design Services 2019  equipment (E&M) of Shiraz city train line
 Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company Consultant services 2019   Jovin (Naqab) - Esfrain - Bojnoord railway 
 Shiraz Urban Railway Organization Engineering, Consultancy, and Supervision Services  2014  "Engineering, Consultancy, and Supervision on Commissioning of Shiraz Urban Railway Line 1 (Second
Phase) including Installation of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment, Civil and Architecture Works of
14 Stations"