Consulting Services Qualification

2016 Annaul Ranking by IMI 100

International Consultants and Contractors Association of Iran

Association of Banking & Credit Investment Consultant

International Federaion of Consulting Engineers

Member of Engineering Services Export, Consultants and Contractors of Iran Telecommunication Industry

International Telecommunication Union

Exemplary Exporter in the field of Engineering Consultancy

Ranked 1st in ICT Sector in exporting knowledge based services by Iran Ministry of Telecommunication and Information

Registeration of Monenco for Providing Engineering Services in Power Distribution Projects in Oman

Council of Oman Tenders

Iran-Oman Chamber of Commerce

ISO TS 29001:2010 Standard


Iranian National Productivity and Excellence (INPE) award

Consultancy services in Oman

1st Grade in consulting engineering services in Oman Defense Ministry

Monenco Oman Certificate of Approval in Oman Oil & Gas Industry

Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC)

National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency

Certificate of Exellence Awarded to Monenco Oman by OETC

CTCN Membership

ISO 10002:2018 Standard

ISO 10004:2018 Standard

FIDIC Affiliate membership for 2022