Message From Managing Director

Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers’ long-term strategy to diversify our offerings and maintain our geographic reach continues to drive our success in business challenging conditions around the world which led our overall operating remains promising and meets the evolving needs of our clients. Monenco Iran provides services and comprehensive end-to-end project solutions in a diversified fields from mining to infrastructure, oil and gas to electricity, Telecommunication and ICT to smart home and smart cities, subway to electrical rail way as well as water.
We have put in place an elaborate plan to be the premier worldwide provider of consulting and engineering services and focus on expanding our market share outside of country. Accordingly, we are on target to be among the top consulting and engineering firms in the world with sustained high performance which is demonstrated through our disciplined approaches that delivers high-quality projects through skilled employees all around the world regardless of the size, complexity, or difficulty of the projects. We are committed to delivering the high performance projects on budget and on schedule to the complete satisfaction of our clients. This will only be accomplished by our continued focus on quality, reliability, consistency and customer-centric.
In order to maintain our market-leadership positions, we also continued to bring new technologies to our clients.
In addition to all above, we strive to maintain exceptionally high standards for health and safety, ethics and compliance and environmental protection. We are pleased with the acceptance we are receiving internationally and we are keen to grow our market share and continue to expand our global footprint.
Now a days, except in Iran that we achieved first rank engineering firm in the country, presence of Monenco in Canada, Federal Republic of Germany, Japan, Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan), People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Republic of India, Republic of Iraq, Republic of Korea, Republic of Kenya, Republic of Tajikistan and Sultanate of Oman has opened many opportunities for further expansion of Monenco services all around the world.
While in domestic market, we have been selected as one of the best know-how exporter and were ranked among the Top 500 Iranian Companies by IMI-100 ranking, we hope that we have the same position in our target markets. At the end, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to our esteemed employees clients, employees and all our stakeholders and partners for their continued support which enabled Monenco Iran to achieve major milestones during all these year.

Alireza Shirani 
Managing Director