Danan Oil Field Development

Danan Oil Field Development

 2019 : Start Date

2021  :Finish Date


   Main Client: Iran Central Oil Fields Company



:Scope of work

Basic and Detail Design, Procurement Services, Field Engineering & Site Supervision Services of Danan Oil Field Development



Iran Central Oil Fields Company, as the main client, has intended to develop Danan Oil Field by adding 11 new production wells to the 9 existing ones.
In this way, it's forecasted the existing Danan oil manifold, which will be extended as required, will be able to receive the 11 incoming new flow lines and then the combined incoming old and new flow lines will be conducted to the existing separation facilities without any increment in its separation capacity. It is supposed the 8" and 46 km oil pipeline and relevant pumping station; also the 12" gas pipeline, can handle the new increased outgoing flow rate from separation area due to the addition of 11 new wells.
The additional incoming flow to the Dehloran production unit, which is estimated to be around 1000 BPD, will be desalted via passing through the two new pumps (1+1), a new heater, and a new desalination package all inside the existing desalination area. The additional desalted crude oil will be connected to the existing discharge header of desalination packages to increase the capacity of the Dehloran production unit for subsequent utilization.
In this project, Monenco Iran is responsible for the endorsement of received documents and gathering required information, basic & detail design engineering, and procurement services, tender documents preparation, field engineering
and site supervision services.