Consultancy & Engineering Services of Phase II of First Line of Shiraz’s Metro

Start date: 2014
Finish date: 2015
Client: Shiraz Urban Railway Organization
Location: Shiraz- Iran

Scope of work:
 Consultancy services of phase 3 supervision
 Site supervision of the remaining of civil and architectural and track work
 Supervision of special and un-special equipment

After the operation of phase 1 of 6km of first line of Shiraz’s metro, Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers was chosen as a consultant for consultancy and supervision of remaining the entire job left either construction and track work or equipment. Therefore, Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers arranged a group for metro and railways project. Fortunately the 3km of phase 2 of line 1 was in operation successfully in April 2017 and the rest of the job will be finished by end of 2017.