CASA 1000 Project: Consulting Services to Provide Construction Supervision Services for Design supply and Installation of HVAC Line and Associated Substation Works in Tajikistan and Kyrgyz Republic un

Start date: 2015  Finish date: 2018   Location: Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan

Client: Bark-i-Tojik Tajikistan and NEGK Kyrgyzstan

Scope of work:

  • Design Review
  • Preparation of Project Implementation plan, Monitoring Scheme and Cost Control
  • Supervision on Project Construction Activities
  • Assist Client in Implementation ESMP, RAP and HSE Plan
  • Reviewing As-Built Documents


Description: In Central Asia, the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan have a surplus of electricity during the summer because of most abundant clean Hydropower resources. Nearby in South Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan cannot meet their citizens’ electricity needs, especially during the sweltering summer. A new electricity transmission system, called CASA-1000, between all four countries would help make the most efficient use of clean Hydropower in the Northern Countries by enabling them to transfer and sell their electricity surplus in the summer to the deficient countries in South Asia. The selection and employment of consultants was performed under IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) loans and IDA (International Development Association) credits & grants by World Bank borrowers. The project consists two parts: 500 kV HVAC transmission system as well as ±500 kV HVDC transmission system.

Monenco Iran was selected as the consultant for HVAC part of the project that consist bellow transmission lines and associated substations: 

  • 500 kV Transmission line from Datka to Khujand (475 km) and extension works for associated substations (The Kyrgyz Republic)

500 kV Transmission line from Regar to Sangtudeh (115 km) and extension works for associated substations (Tajikistan).