Baba Ali 2

Title: Baba Ali 2 
Start Date: 2010
End Date: 2012 
Client: SN Steel Co.
Main Client: SN Steel Co. 
Location: Kordestan 
Scope Of Work: 
Monenco Iran works with clients to execute geology studies, investigate new mines or improve the operations of existing mines with a primary focus on safely achieving optimum output and return on investment. Our people bring a business perspective to the technical challenges of mining and geology engineering. Our services in geological and mining department are:
- Economic studies, design and production planning in mining operation
- Services for exploration, geology and resource estimates
- Management, Planning and HSE
- Preparing topographical and geological maps at various scales
- Prepare a comprehensive information system in GIS environment
- Engineering services and supervision
- Geotechnical engineering services
- Feasibility studies, preparation of technical and economical plans

The goals of this project are as below:

  1. Collecting information and available documents, records, coordinate and implement digitization in GIS environment
  2. Topographic mapping in 1:500 scale and provide relevant report
  3. Geological mapping with structural and mining geology and related reporting
  4. IP geophysical methods and modeling the relevant harvests and magnetometery
  5. Sub-surface exploration activities, including network design exploration, drilling of 40 points, doing 2000 meters of drilling
  6. Evaluation of economic geology including the geometry of mineral deposits and mineralogical study, various analyses (ICP-MS, XRD, XRF etc.) and determine the origin of ore 
  7. Data processing, mineral deposits modeling and reserve estimation