Reliability Study of Bangladesh Power Grid System

Title: Reliability Study of Bangladesh Power Grid System
Start Date: 2015
End Date: 2018
Client: Power Cell, Power Division, Energy & Mineral Resources, Govt. of Bangladesh
Location: Bangladesh

The level of reliability of a power grid is required to be substantially enhanced to address the increasing electricity demand, generation planning program, the operational problems, and equipment breakdowns. To improve the reliability of the system to international standards, upgrade/modernize it with required protections so that the system can dispatch the load growth, and provide a safe operation. The system should be able to tolerate any unanticipated disturbances. This level of operation should prevail throughout the rapid development phase also. A reliability-cum-protection study of the Bangladesh power grid system is therefore required to assess system capacity and fragility; identify faults; recommend solutions & upgrading; required to improve the system for secured, safe and reliable operation.

In this project, a reliability study of entire power grid system for stable system operation, with short-term, mid-term and long-term recommendations will be done. As a result, technical recommendations for the system in 2021 to improve the reliability of the system will be proposed. In this regard, the scope of the project is as following:

Preparing Reserve Management Policy;
Determining the Zonal Operating Constraints;
Review of scope of a pump storage power plant (PSPP) ;
Review of relay settings & protection philosophies for entire power system;
Carrying out Islanding operation study for safe Islanded operation;
Identifying suitable technology for system security, safety & reliability;
Improvement of existing 'Grid code' to ensure reliable & stable grid operation;
Evaluating the utilizing of 'Smart Grid';
Transfer of technology based on-the-job training