Synchronous Interconnection of Iran-Iraq Grids

Title: Synchronous Interconnection of Iran-Iraq Grids
Start Date: 2014
End Date: 2015
Client: Electricity Ministry of Iraq & TAVANIR Co.
Location: Iraq
A cross-border interconnected grid is one of the main pivots that positively affect the development process between neighboring countries. Following the plan of developing an interconnected electrical network in Iran, it is time to investigate options concerning connection to neighboring countries. As the first step, it was decided to conduct a comprehensive study regarding integration and synchronization of Iranian network to Iraqi power grid. In this project, by means of internal and global experiences of networks integration, a feasibility study about interconnection and synchronization of Iranian and Iraqi electrical networks will be performed and all strength and weakness points along with advantages and disadvantages of the plan will be investigated through an inclusive study from different technical and economical, points of view.

The scope of these studies includes the recognition of the problem, feasibility study of the plan and preliminary requirements. The main objectives of the project are:

Recognition of advantages and disadvantages of interconnection plan
Technical consequences of interconnection and synchronization plan
Determination of more appropriate interconnection plan
Determination of synchronism feasibility and its requirements and infrastructure
Determination and proposing required protection schemes