Asaluye-Isfahan 765kv transmission line

Title: Asaluye-Isfahan 765kv transmission line
Start Date: 2010
End Date: 2015
Client: Iran Power Development Company
Main Client: Iran Power Development Company
Location: Asaluye-Isfahan
Scope Of Work: Scope Of Work:

 Engineering Services
 System study
 Basic Design & Detail Design of transmission line
 Construction and Site Supervision

Project importance:
When long transmission line with high capacity of transmission is needed, transmission loss becomes a major factor of design so using extra high voltage transmission line would be inevitable. One of the key concerns in transmission of electricity is power loss in transmission lines (called line loss or transmission loss), dissipated as heat due to the resistance of the conductors. The smaller the surface area of the conductors the smaller is the loss to heat dissipation. High voltages require less surface area, resulting in reduced line loss. With high voltage lines, the voltage can be stepped up at the generation station, transmitted through the transmission grid to a load center, and there stepped down to the lower voltages required by distribution lines. Asaluye-Isfahan 765kv transmission line as the highest voltage of transmission ever constructed in Iran has proved engineering capabilities of Monenco Iran as the sole technology owner in the Middle-East.