Barka and Sohar Combined Cycle Power Plant

Title: Barka and Sohar Combined Cycle Power Plant
Start Date: 2011
End Date: 2014
Client: OPWP (Oman)
Main Client: OPWP (Oman)
Location: Barka and Sohar
Scope Of Work:
Monenco Iran jointly with Monenco Oman (MCE) were awarded an advisory consultancy services to supervise projects for achieving the goals of the project and fulfillment of obligations based on Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that was made by OPWP. Monenco is in charge of coordinating and monitoring between all beneficiaries and supervision on important tests.
Barka III IPP is located 30Km from Muscat and Sohar II IPP is located 200Km from Muscat. OPWP has entered into contract with two EPC contractors for generation of output power of these power plants. In case of increasing demand of power in Oman, these power plants have crucial role for responding to the demands of power grid in near future.

Since both plants are located in coastal area, their cooling systems have been foreseen to be "Once through". These projects will be connected to the 220kV GIS grid substations and the HV transmission lines that are owned and operated by Oman Transmission Electricity Company (“OETC”).